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DLA Piper

Pink Squid


George Papakosmas

Peter Sofocleous

Coinciding with their new rebrand, DLA Piper required a new careers website, with content which could easily be edited to suit their expanding and ever-changing firm.

DLA Piper are present across the globe, spanning over 40 different countries. They felt it was necessary to showcase that they have many different careers, not only in a wide variety of law practices but also in a range of roles across many different business services.

When the project started, the rebrand with still going on, with many details still yet to be signed off. This meant that the initial stages of user research allowed me to really delve into the structure of DLA Piper and understand how I could best showcase this to users. The different roles and opportunities within the firm are so vast, so the user personas created were so diverse, spanning a range of different backgrounds, not just of roles but also many other factors such levels of experience, age, country of residence and much more.

So when it came to wireframe and user journeys it needed to be clear for the user how DLA Piper was structured. The website highlighted a wide variety of careers, not just laywers. The purpose of the website is to showcase DLA Piper as a global firm, whislt giving detailed insight into their various career opportunies. DLA Piper felt wanted to include a secondary navigation bar, this was referred to as the "promo navigation bar." This would be used to highlight individual pages, meaning quick navigation to pages such as the different career functions, Experienced Lawyers and Business Professionals. I did initially contest this as I felt it over-complicated the navigation and offered more simplified alternatives but the client felt very strongly about this form of navigation. I did also integrate Geo-IP detection into the build, designed to create a tailored experience which used user's locations to allow them to quickly navigate to their country page.

At design phase, DLA Piper decided to use their own photography from their image library which showcased various abstract photographs and were made up of the new brand's strict emphasis on movement.


The website launched in 2019 and received positive feedback and has been viewed globally by a large number of users.